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Finds from Dewdney FSR Jan 12, 2019

We had a great sunny day last Saturday. Started our explore at Peers Creek just past Hope, BC. It was a short trail stopped by snow so we moved onto Sowaqua Creek but that road was blocked by a recent slide 2 km up. We headed further east on the Coquihalla hwy to Dewney FSR and explored a number of trails till we were stopped by snow. I found lots of serpentine and some promising creeks to go back to when it warms up a bit.

Dario stopped at one of the quarries so I could check it out and I found someones rock droppings. It looked like someone dumped their rock polisher out with a whole bunch of chalcedony ends. I guess one mans garbage rock is my treasure.

I finally got to use the waterproof map pouch we got in our ‘Live the Adventure Gear Box’ now my Backroad Mapbook won’t get destroyed so fast, yay!
I love the collapsible bucket from AV Ventura Outdoors this has a case it slides into saving space, can be used for carrying water but its perfect for rocks. This came in the Fall LTA Gear Box

My finds were a few nice pieces of serpentine, i am interested to see how they will cut, the chalcedony from the quarry and a few interesting pebbles. Nothing fantastic but a fun day outside with my man exploring

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  1. Bill

    Nice rocks guys.

    1. Tracey Cubitt

      Thanks Dad! Working on the site now, if you see anything that doesn’t work right please leave me a comment.
      Love Tracey

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