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Ditch Lights

WOW – new goodies to play with!!!

Well this has been an eventful month!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their loved ones. We did, and enjoyed it all.

So – purchases have arrived!!! The big one thus far would be the new 4K camera!! Some of you may have already seen some of the video’s we’ve posted on our Youtube page – granted not entirely shot in 4K, but that’s coming. It is a vast improvement over what we were shooting with! The colors and images, when shot with the camera, are so much crisper and cleaner looking. For those of you who may be interested, you’ll find the camera here. It really is a game changer. Very easy to use, but there is definitely a learning curve – and yes, I’m still learning lol!!! I have to thank an old friend of mine, Wayne Lam. I’m sure I drove him crazy asking him a million questions about what and why I should buy this camera. If you ever need a professional photographer or vidographer – shoot him an email or call him, you won’t be disappointed!!!

What else – oh yeah – we also purchased and “action cam”. Sad to say, I had high hopes for it – but it turns out to be a $30 – 4K paperweight. Here is a link to the first time we used it – I’ll let you decide if I’m right on my description.

And lastly – FINALLY got around to installing the ditch lights on Fiona. Well partially installed – they are mounted. I still have to run the wiring for them, but I can’t wait to see what and how they do!!! Hopefully they will be up and running on our next outing!!

Till the next time – get outside!!

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