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Squamish – Eagle trip – December 1-2018

Wow – simply amazing!!! Who would have thought that you could get within 50′ of these beautiful creatures – snap their picture, drive 10′ and snap a few more and on and on. The full video can be found here —> .

I find this time of year “interesting” to say the least. Tracey and I usually leave fairly early in the morning – so we’ll be in the area around sun up. Only problem, there isn’t any sun up at this time of year. So we’ll leave while its dark, it will brighten up a bit and before you know it – we are back in the darkness. Very limited time to be out exploring that’s for sure. This is the time when I really appreciate all the additional lighting I have on Fiona! The light-bar on the roof is just unreal!! Oh, have I mentioned, our ditch lights are en-route!!! Can’t wait to get those installed – it will be a game changer that’s for sure. 

We had a beautiful day with wonderful sunshine and this time, we had a guest with us. Not too often we travel with company, but it was nice for a change. Melissa seemed to enjoy being out of the city and seeing the incredible sites we showed her. At one point, well ok – it was lunch, we stopped by a campsite right on the Squamish river – close to where it joins up with the Elaho. Made a nice little fire to keep warm, had sandwiches and smores…. mmmmm. 

One complaint I have is with our video equipment. We need better stuff – and its coming, but not quick enough. Hopefully by the new year, all our video and photo’s will be done in 4k – much better video and image quality!!! 

Stay tuned!

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