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So where have we been…..

May 2022 – US!!

US-2022As I’m sure most of you have been wondering – what’s going on with Rock’n’Overlanding? Well to give you the reader digest version, life caught up with me, Dario. I’ve been down and out for sometime now, but finally am back on my feet and mobile. That’s the short version – if you want a little more detail read on….., I won’t get into too much detail though……

Welcome to getting older – not “over the hill” or anything like that, but I sure don’t feel like i’m 20 anymore…. and that was apparent last fall, at least to me. I wasn’t feeling as good as I usually do, that spring in my step just wasn’t there. Well I carried on like this through most of the winter – constantly feeling “off” – never feeling like you had a “good” sleep – just blah for lack of a better description. Then it happened – and this is the most graphic I will get in this post – my urine was no longer yellow – but a shade of strawberry. I knew something was VERY wrong at that point. I finished my day at work, then called and left a message for my GP. Thankfully, I have an incredible Doctor and spoke with him on the phone the following day. We made an appointment and before you knew it, I was having all sorts of tests run and specialist appointments. I don’t know how or why, or what lucky star was shining down on me, but I am so incredibly thankful!! After a short period of time, I was diagnosed with Renal Cancer also known as Kidney Cancer. By late January, I was scheduled for a Radical Nephrectomy at Vancouver General Hospital. February came and I was on my way to VGH for my surgery, Tracey by my side. I won’t lie to you or sugar coat it – I was scared at this point. I was about to have a vital organ removed permanently from my body – never to be seen or used, by me, again!!! Think about that for a minute – how would you deal with that…..

After the surgery, I was to be in the hospital for 3 days, but complications added an extra day to that…. and no, I’m not going to go into the details on that. All I will say though, is I stayed in bed, at home, being cared for by my AMAZING Tracey for the better part of 3 months. The first month, I can safely say, were the most painful days in my life. Simple tasks such as getting out of bed, were unbelievably challenging, taxing and worst of all, painful. By month 2, I was able to get out of bed on my own!!! This was HUGE to me. I even got to celebrate my birthday, in our living room – love our bedroom, but after a couple month being stuck in there – the love was beginning to wain….

By month 3, I was starting to venture out on short trips in Fiona. MY GOD I MISSED DRIVING HER!! Finally, I was back, behind the wheel and driving!! Since I got my licence, back when I was 16…. this had been the longest time I’d gone without driving – and I love to drive – rush hour doesn’t ever bother me really, I just turn up the music and relax. People who drive stressed out, darting in and out of traffic trying to make that next light…. life is just too short for that.

So, where does that put us now, today, May 19-2022. At this point, I’m more that happy to announce that nothing will or has changed, aside from 1 kidney taking a permanent leave of absence. Rock’n’Overlanding is still here – still strong and still looking for adventure. This weekend Tracey and I will be heading out to Penticton, BC looking at a few Land Claims that are up for grabs. We are very hopeful that one of these will tick all the boxes for us – stay tuned!! The next adventure we have will be the BC Overland Rally, which is happening in Merritt BC on the June23 – 26, 2022. Finally after 2 years of dealing with the pandemic, its back on!!! Can’t wait for this event, can’t wait to see everyone again!!!

Well that’s it – for now – Sorry to keep you all hanging on our status. We didn’t want you to feel like we just “disappeared”…  thank you for understanding and hope to see you on the trails or at the Overland Rally!!!

Tracey & Dario


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