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Finally – we’ll be back on the explore!!!!

So our girl, Fiona – well she’s been a tad ill as of late. We’ve been trying to get her back on the road, but alas its taken us almost 3 months of no adventures, no dirt and no rocks!!! Needless to say, we’ve been climbing the walls. Watching the best part of summer from our patio, has really tested our metal. BUT – she’s going in for a major fix and we will be back on the road next weekend!!! What being done: 1 – New clutch. I had it replaced about 8 months ago, not sure what they did, but it just didn’t hold up!! Both Tracey and I grew up driving stick, so we both know how to drive properly. When we bought the girl, back in 2014, she needed to have her clutch done then – but we nursed it and made it another 4 years! What happened with this one, I guess we’ll find out when the rip out the parts and tell us. 2 – Rear main seal. Again, this was done with the last clutch, but it didn’t last either. About 3 – 4 months after it being replaced, she starting leaking oil yet again. The company that’s doing the “re-repair” thinks that its possible that either the rear main seal has leaked fluid onto the clutch plate, or the flywheel was not machined. Either way, this time its getting done! 3 – Rear Axel Seals. Apparently, according to some club members, this is a fairly common issue with 4Runners. Once the rear axel seal leaks – guess where the gear oil goes – up, all over your rear brakes. So needless to say, she’s getting a rear brake job as well. She’s going in on Halloween night – I sure hope that’s not some kind of omen!!! With any luck – sunday we’ll be out playing in the dirt, digging for rocks and breathing life into our bodies yet again! I can hardly wait!

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