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Finally!!! On the road again

Not sure if you can tell or not – but we are happy!! Correction – ECSTATIC!! Finally we are back on the road. The issues with Fiona are resolved and we are good to explore once again! Its been an ongoing battle – but thanks to Taran and his crew at Big Country Customs we are fixed up once again.

Our biggest issue Рwhere to go!!! Hard to believe that was actually an issue considering where we live! But yes, indeed it was Рthe choices are so many. So since this was our first outing in some  time, we decided to head out to one of our favorite places РSquamish and explore Cloudburst Mountain. 

We’d been up here a couple of times, but usually were stopped by snow. This time, we expected something similar, but luck was on our side and we ended up with a beautiful sunny day. I’d say warm, but the only thing warm was the inside of Fiona!!! Chilly in the beginning of November to say the least. For those of you who don’t know, you aren’t actually able to drive all the way to Cloudburst – but you are able to get within a days hike to the mountain. there are still some incredible views of the mountain from FSR and off shoot trails (roads) that lead up to the trail head. Keep in mind, this is a serious hike and if you are not prepared, you will be in serious trouble. The temperatures can drop dramatically and quickly. What starts as a nice warm sunny day, can change to a cold windy miserable experience in a mater of a short few hours.

So now that I’ve turned you off from attempting hiking the mountain – lets drive!!!! Amazingly enough, not too many people know of this place. Let just keep it our little secrete shall we.

The drive up is fairly easy – a couple of washouts, but nothing too extreme. You should have a 4X4 with good clearance. A pickup truck could make it, but it would be challenging to say the least. All in all, it was an awesome day for us. We got back out on the road, we managed to get closer to Cloudburst Mountain that we ever have – the sun was shining and Tracey managed to find some rocks of interest. At this point, she’s not able to name them, but the sure looked cool!!!

Look for the video on our YouTube channel – I’ll try to have it up shortly. As well – for those interested, the trip has been uploaded to our Gaia site – feel free to take a look at the track. You’ll find distance, elevation and the route we took along with some embedded pictures.



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