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Major update…..

Hello everyone – wow, has this been a busy summer/ fall and more to come!!

Ever since the Northwest Overland Rally, we’ve been on the go. Be it work, family or just trying to get out and explore. I’m just getting around to putting the video’s of our explores up and look forward to the comments.

After the Overland Rally, we decided to take the Washington Backroad Discovery Route. Tons of information on the internet about this – but to put it simply – its an incredible drive! We only did about 1/2 of the actual route as it extends from Oregon through Washington State to the Canadian border. The Rally took place in Plain WA on the weekend of June 20 – 23rd, 2019 and we decided to take the BDR back and camp our way to the Overland Rally in Whistler. A trip Tracey and I will not forget – stunning scenery and fantastic weather (until we got back to Canada that is…..). You can check out the video’s on our YouTube channel ( )We highly recommend this trip if you are an off road enthusiast! You won’t need an extreme off road rig, but a decent 4×4 is recommended. .

After Plain, we went to the rally in Whistler BC. For the last 3 years, its been held at Hemlock Mountain, so this was a first for Whistler. I’ll venture a guess and say it was a smashing success, despite the rain. We noticed a ton of people making video’s and Vloging, so we decided to actually enjoy the rally and not focus on recording it. It was a nice change of pace. The best part was meeting up with some fellow BC friends and catching up on how and what they have been up to. Looking forward to seeing them all again!

Our next adventure was to north central BC. Horsefly….. yes there is actually a place called Horsefly!! While we were in Plain, we met up with a wonderful gent named Peter from All Terrain Overland. We ended up purchasing some Treds (Traction Boards) and decided to pick them up from him. As it turns out, he lives in Quesnel BC! Kill two birds with one stone!! This part of BC is amazing. Unfortunately, I goofed up and got the memory cards mixed up and ended up overwriting almost 1/2 of our trip. None the less, we managed to put up something on our YouTube channel regarding this trip. This wasn’t a camping trip, we cheated and stayed in a hotel this time – sometimes you just have to spoil yourself! You can check out our Horsefly Adventure here!

I just posted another video of our Labor Day Long weekend trip with the family. This was an amazing trip. Everything from the brothers standing in Maude Frickert Falls, to deep water crossings to Fiona saving a Sprinter Van. Maude never disappoints! Great food, incredible scenery and some awesome 4×4 trails – what more could we ask for in an adventure. For the last 5 years or so, we’ve always been stopped shortly after the Molson Canadian Rec site, but this year, the road had been re-opened. We finally got to see what our favorite campsite looks like from the opposite side of the Elaho River. Just amazing. One of the off shoot trails we took, led us to the washout that closed the road – wow did it bring down a lot of material!! I considered attempting the drive up it – for about a minute. Went for a walk and quickly changed my mind. Huge rocks, 3′ deep holes – nope, Fiona is good – but not that good! You can check it out in our Labour Day video – what do you think, could you make?

During a “small” break in the action, we finally got around to finishing up our first batch of rocks using the new Thumler’s Model B rock tumbler. Who would have thought there would be a learning curve to this…. but you learn and move forward. Still turned out some fantastic looking rocks – here’s to the next batch that is currently in the tumbler!! Take a peek at our video, let us know what you think! Any suggestions?

Now – for the BIG news! Fiona is going to see the Dr. No, don’t worry, she’s fine…. actually, she’s incredible! BUT, she’s about to become my dream machine. Big upgrades are coming around the end of October. HUGE shout out to Taran from Big Country Customs! Not going to go into details about her upgrades just yet…. you’ll have to stay tuned, but needless to say, my wish list is being cut down…. way down!!!

On a side note, Tracey and I are thank full for all you who have subscribed to our YouTube channel. We really appreciate it. If you know someone who would enjoy seeing what we do, please feel free to share our site and channel with them. We are well on our way to finally getting our custom YouTube channel address, so getting a few more “likes” and subscribers would be awesome!!

Looking forward to your comments! Till next time, onward and upward!!!

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