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Dallasite from Courtenay, BC

Dallasite from Courtenay BC

So every year my Mom, her 4 sisters, their 4 daughters & myself get together somewhere on Vancouver Island for a weekend of catching up, shopping, hiking, exploring & eating. This year we went to the small community outside of Courtenay, Royston, and stayed at an Airbnb. We chose a small working farm with a big beautiful house which was quiet, with country walks by a pond, a large deck, a hot tub and room for all of us.

View from our large back deck
Tree house & chickens in behind

As I was born on the Island, I spent my teenage summers up at HMCS Quadra & I hadn’t been back in quite awhile. My cousin also used to live there so on the Saturday we broke free from the others and went on an explore to reminisce. First stop at Eagle Gem & Gifts for grit (I found my Thumler’s Tumbler and am going to get it going but that’s another blog). Then we headed out to Kitty Coleman beach for Dallasite.

Kitty Coleman Beach, camping & boat launch

We walked and picked rocks enjoying the scenery and quiet of the ocean waves. I hadn’t gone 20 ft when my arms & pockets were already full. Thanks to my cousin for extra pockets!

My favorite piece because you can see the individual shapes in the rock

Dallasite from Courtenay, BC

These are the other ones I kept, looking forward to cutting into them and seeing the patterns

Hard to see the green lines going through but it caught my eye.
More individual shapes and the red spots are iron
Good polishers, so soft and smooth already

There was tons of amazing rocks on the beach but we had to get onto other quests. There were wineries to tour, shopping to do & charcuterie to eat. Life is good when I can squeeze in some rock hounding with the family!

Charcuterie with family

What a wonderful weekend! The weather was great, the food was amazing, the company phenomenal! So many laughs and time for rocks!

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