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Interesting Finds – Squamish

We went back to Cloudburst Mountain after at least a year.  We had found a spot with some unique blue/green stains which seems to permeate the quartz material and wanted to further investigate.  I was breaking chunks off the main rock but not doing much damage with my rock hammer so Dario offered to help.  He climbed on top of where the staining was an tried to find out where it was coming from.  In trying to break the cap off my rock hammer broke:( very sad.  Chipped a piece off the head, not able to use that one anymore except maybe as a claw.  Explored around a bit more & saw this great view:

The best views from 1000m

We received our 1st ‘Live for Adventure Club’ Gear Box this week and were dying to try out the new goodies.  Headed back out to Cloudburst to early to catch the sunrise for our ‘Live for Adventure Club’ challenge.  Caught it on the trail up.

Sunrise over Cloudburst Mt.

Last weekend Dario found a technical trail but it was too dark to see anything so we went & checked that out.  He went for a walk to see how it was and we decided it was one we would wait and do with someone else in the spring.  The trail connects to Chance Creeks FSR off of the Whistler side.  Should be fun!

Where’s Waldo… I mean Dario?

We hit a few washouts, check out some rock sites I was interested in then crossed back over High Falls Creek and climbed up for some amazing views & sunset pics for the ‘Live the Adventure Club’ challenge.

Sunset dinner on the other side of High Falls Creek

Sunset over Mt. Jimmy Jimmy  &  Tzoonie Mt. range

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