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West Harrison & Silver River Rocks

What a great trip to Silver River! We haven’t been to that side of Harrison Lake in a couple of years. Last time we were there we drove the loop through to Nahatlatch Lake & out to Boston Bar and back to Port Moody about a 580km round trip. We did it over a weekend and camped one night at Silver River and one night at Nahatlatch Lake. This is why I wanted to go back to Silver River, we weren’t there long enough to explore the rocks as we got in late Friday night and left early Saturday morning.

Silver River entrance to Harrison Lake East

It was a pretty muddy trail in, with some pretty big puddles.(check out the video on our Rock’n’Overlanding YouTube channel) Thank fully Dario cleaned off my window so I could roll it down for the rest of the trip. It’s difficult to see the potential of the rocks but I was excited to be back there.

We continued as far as we could until stopped by snow and started to explore our way back. The hydro project has unearthed lots of quartz and where there’s lots of quartz there also other interesting minerals. One of the roads we went down was short and looks like someone might have a claim there. We found tarps in a creek that might be forestry but more likely a claim as it looks like a good way to have mother nature do the clarifying for you.

East Harrison Claim?

We have the coordinates and will be looking up to see if there is a claim. Needless to say we didn’t stay or take any rocks until we find out more. Lots of temping prospects in that area though.

Came home with my prospects, cleaned them up and went through and seperated them into 2 catagories.  Light goes through and light does’t go through

These 2 have tiny garnets in them

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